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Supporting the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry in the development of new drugs to treat psychiatric, neurological and metabolic disorders.

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DevelRx is a R&D-based consultancy organisation that specialises in providing strategic and scientific support on the discovery, safety, toxicity and regulatory approval of molecules that enter the central nervous system (CNS), from traditional CNS drug candidates to psychedelics and cannabinoids and peripherally-acting agents that may penetrate the brain.

Research & Candidate Selection

DevelRx offers expert advice and support for early-stage discovery projects seeking new treatments for drug addiction, psychiatric and neurological disorders, obesity and binge-eating disorder. All aspects of strategy, screening and project support management are performed. Services include early-stage abuse and dependence liability assessments to de-risk programs.

Drug Development

We can help navigate the complex challenges faced during drug development. Our consultants are globally-acknowledged experts in assessment of abuse potential and dependence of centrally-acting drugs. Our services to evaluate and predict the abuse potential risk of new drugs include 8-factor analyses, briefing documents to support non-clinical abuse testing programs and abuse potential assessment waiver submissions.


With extensive experience of drug registration procedures, we can help to bring drugs into clinical development and onto the market. We have provided key pre-clinical support for 16 drug registrations including in the therapeutic areas of ADHD, binge-eating disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, epilepsy and obesity.


DevelRx are world experts on market positioning and drug lifecycle management of centrally-acting drugs. We perform strategic reviews of therapeutic indications including market opportunities, barriers to market entry and likelihood of success. Our services include evaluation of licencing opportunities, due diligence reviews and medical training of scientists and clinicians.

Drug Abuse Evaluation

DevelRx has world-leading expertise in assessing the abuse and dependence risks of new drugs that are being developed for clinical use. We have performed abuse/dependence evaluations for more than 50 clients.

Drug Scheduling

Our extensive experience with regulatory authorities produces efficiencies in time and development costs for our clients and maximises the opportunity for regulatory approval with optimum product labelling.

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