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Communications at scientific meetings

Numerous invited lectures at national and international scientific symposia in the fields of CNS disorders, drug abuse and obesity.

In addition, more than 500 communications have been given as oral presentations and posters at scientific symposia.

Shire Psychiatry Educational Forum, 2019.
Talk entitled: “A place for amphetamines in clinical practice.”

College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) Workshop at the 80th Annual Meeting, 2018. Therapeutic Applications and Abuse Liability Assessment of Cannabidiol.  Talk entitled: “An evaluation of the discriminative and reinforcing properties of cannabidiol in rats."

Shire Symposium at the Eunethydis International Conference, 2018.  Making it HappenADHD Guidelines in Clinical Practice.
Talk entitled: “How can pharmacology help determine treatment choice in ADHD?”

Pinney Associates – RenaSci Supported International Webex2018. Developing Psychedelics into Medicine: Potential and Pitfalls.
Talk entitled: “Developing psychedelic drugs for medical use - dealing with the regulatory challenge of non-clinical abuse and dependence assessments.”

Cross Company Abuse Liability Council (C-CALC), 2018. Advancements and Challenges in Abuse Potential Evaluation.
Talk entitled: “An evidence-based evaluation of the possible influence of gender on results from drug-discrimination, intravenous self-administration and tolerance / dependence safety pharmacology testing.”

AddRess - Center for Addiction Research & Science, 2018.
Talk entitled: “Developing psychedelic drugs for medical use – regulatory challenges.”

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